Getting Started

How to Get Started with Your UST Operator Training or Exam

Our goal is to make the underground storage tank (UST) operator certification process quick and simple. Use the information below to navigate the process.

Step 1: Select & Pay for Your Course

Using the map shown on the homepage or any of our course pages, select your state or U.S. territory.

When you arrive on your state or territory page, you’ll see our course offerings listed at the top. Select the one you’d like to purchase by clicking “Add to Cart.”

You’ll then be brought to the “Your cart” page. If you would like to purchase additional courses, select “Continue Shopping” at the bottom of the page. When you’ve made the right selections and you’re ready to purchase, click the “Check Out” button. Then enter all the required customer and billing information, and click “Continue to payment method.”

Lastly, enter your credit card information and click “Complete order.”

Step 2: Register

Immediately following your purchase, your browser window will display a thank you message and you will receive an email with a link to login. Click on that link.

If you’re a new user, you’ll be asked to complete your profile and registration information at that time. If you’re a returning user, you’ll be asked to log in.

Step 3: Take the Training or Test Preparation Course

Once your registration is complete or you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken to your home dashboard within the learning management system. To access your course, click on the course tile shown under the “All” tab.

Before starting the course, click on “Additional References” to get access to the course reference materials, which can be downloaded, saved, or printed. The course materials are valuable tools for the open-book exam for Class A/B Operators at the end of the training, and as a practical reference in your job. Reference materials are also available for Class C Operator training. 

Once you’re ready to take the course, click on “Start this course.”

For Class A/B Operators, allow approximately four to five hours to take the training course. For Class C Operators, the course will likely take about 15 minutes to complete.

For all training courses, you can start and stop the training as often as you like, and all courses are available online 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. However, you must finish both the training and the exam within 90 days of registration.

Step 4: Take the Exam

For states with training where an exam is required, the exam consists of 75 questions and you should allow between 1-2 hours for the exam. Begin your exam only when you are fully prepared to complete it in one sitting. You must finish the exam once you start it.  The exam is "open book" and you may use the provided reference materials for guidance. 

Except in Massachusetts, you have two chances to pass the examination within the 90-day period. If you need to retake the exam, it must be completed without any interruptions. NOTE: If you start the exam but sign out after a few questions that will count as one try. You need to score at least 80 percent (depending on your state) to pass the examination.  If you do not pass the exam after two attempts, contact us at to reset the exam.

In addition, remember to print your results screen for your records. Note that a final exam is not required in all states. In such cases, the end-of-module quizzes satisfy the testing requirement.

Step 5: Print Your Certificate

After completing your training and/or exam, click on “Certificates,” which is located in the left-side menu. You’ll then see an option for downloading your certificate. It’s recommended you both print and save a copy of your certificate.

Ready to get started? Visit our All Courses by State page to select your state and find a certification course.