South Carolina UST Operator Training

At this time, Antea Group's Operator Training course is currently under review by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SC DHEC).  SC DHEC also offers its own free training for all classes of operators.

SC DHEC's online course can be accessed via the link below:

Below we offer information on UST Operator Training requirements, as well as a  link to obtain additional information.

UST Operator Training Requirements for South Carolina

SCDHEC requires the training and examination of all Class A and Class B operators. To receive the required training and certification, operators can utilize the the following options:

  • Complete the Department’s Operator Training Online Course
  • Complete a SCDHEC-approved course conducted by a third-party provider 

Retraining is required for operators if their facility is found to be non-compliant with UST regulations during an inspection. However, operators can elect to retake the exam every year in lieu of attending retraining.

As for Class C operator training requirements, the SC DHEC requires all Class C operators to be trained by a Class A or Class B operator, or through a state-approved course before they start work. Retraining is not required.

Reciprocity & Additional Resources

Contact the SC DHEC to verify reciprocity from a particular state:

2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201
(Phone) 803-898-3432

For more information on UST training requirements in South Carolina, visit: