Puerto Rico UST Operator Training & Resources

Federal Operator Training Resources for Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board (EQB) does not approve third party training vendors for Operator Training.  

Federal Training Requirements for Class A, Class B and Class C

All Class A, Class B and Class C operators are required to take a training and exam provided by the Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board. 

Training certificates expire 12 months from the certification date. As a result, all operators must complete a refresher training and exam every 12 months to maintain certification. Retraining may also be required if the UST system is found to be out of compliance.

Quick Links to Certified Training Programs

An application to purchase training, an examination and/or re-certification can be found here:  

    Reciprocity & Additional Resources

    Puerto Rico does offer reciprocity to any person holding a UST operator training certificate issued in any U.S. state, territory or tribal land. However, reciprocity must be requested through a Puerto Rico training school, and a refresher course and the associated exam must also be completed.

    For more information on federal training requirements in Puerto Rico, visit www.jca.pr.gov.