UST Operator Training Resources for New Jersey

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) requires all classes of operators to attend a class administered by the department at Rutgers University and pass an examination through the International Code Council (ICC). Below we share information on training requirements and quick links to course information.

Class A, Class B and Class C Operator Requirements for New Jersey

New Jersey requires all Class A and Class B operators to take a state-administered training and pass an ICC exam. Retraining is only required if a facility has been noncompliant with NJDEP UST regulations.

Class C operators are required to receive training before assuming their duties. Class C operators are trained by the Class A or Class B Operator.

In addition, owners and operators of UST facilities that are required to have a Class A, Class B and Class C operator must designate a trained Class A, Class B and Class C operator by October 2018.

Quick Links to Certified Training Programs

New Jersey does not approve any third-party provider training programs. The only state-approved method for training and certification is the aforementioned department-sponsored training class and test.

Reciprocity & Additional Resources

New Jersey may accept Class A or Class B operator certifications from other states, but only if:

  • The owner or operator submits formal documentation to the NJDEP as part of the New Jersey Underground Storage Tank Facility Certification Questionnaire. Documentation may include: official training/certifications from another state, or training/certification issued by a third-party that is approved by another state
  • The NJDEP determines that the operator training program and evaluation method which the operator completed and passed is significantly comparable to the Department’s training program and evaluation
  • The operator is currently in good standing in that state for the operator class they are seeking designation for

For more information on New Jersey’s UST training requirements, visit: