UST Operator Training Resources for Montana

At this time, Antea Group does not offer UST training courses for any operator class in Montana. However, below we provide you with information on training requirements and links to approved courses.

Class A, Class B and Class C Operator Requirements for Montana

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), the state’s UST regulating agency, requires the quizzing of all Class A and Class B operators. The MDEQ administers the quiz and requires operators to score an 80 percent to pass. The MDEQ also provides a training manual for Class A or Class B operators to help them prepare for the quiz.

Class C operators are required to receive training before assuming their duties. Class C operators may be trained through a state-approved third-party vendor.

Quick Links to Certified Training Programs

Class A and Class B operators need to take the MDEQ’s state-administered exam, located below:

 We recommend USTtraining's MDEQ-approved training for Class C operators:

Reciprocity & Additional Resources

Montana does accept reciprocity for Class A or Class B operators, but only if the training requirements of the other state are at least as stringent as the training requirements in Montana. For more information on Montana’s UST training requirements, visit: Montana Department of Environmental Quality.