UST Operator Training Resources for Kentucky

In Kentucky, all classes of UST operators are required to complete training through the state’s Kentucky Tank Operator Online Learning System (Kentucky TOOLS), which is managed by the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection (KYDEP). The Underground Storage Tank Branch is the state’s regulating agency for USTs. Below we offer details on training requirements for all classes, as well as quick links to the state’s training course and information.

UST Operator Requirements for Kentucky

The state of Kentucky refers to UST Class A and Class B operators as designated compliance managers (DCMs). All DCMs must complete training through the Kentucky TOOLS program.

Class C operators are required to be trained as well, but they’re not required to take the formal training through TOOLS. Instead, they’re able to be trained on-site by a DCM prior to assuming their duties. DCMs, and all employees associated with UST system operations, must repeat their training annually.

Quick Links to Kentucky TOOLs

The KYDEP UST Branch will contact you when it’s time for your training, and issue you a personal identification number (PIN) to access the training. Once you receive your PIN, you can login at the link below:

Additional Resources

For more information on Kentucky’s UST training requirements, visit: Kentucky UST Operator Training