UST Operator Training Resources for Kansas

The State of Kansas offers free training for Class A, Class B and Class C operators through its wholly-owned Tank Management Service, Inc. subsidiary. Below we provide requirement information and quick links for accessing the training.

Class A, Class B and Class C Operator Requirements for Kansas

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) requires all Class A, Class B and Class C operators to complete training. For Class A and Class B operators, training must be completed through the state’s free course offering. As for Class C operators, training may be provided by an approved Class A or Class B operator on-site or online through KDHE’s program.

For all UST operators who have not changed positions at their place of work or have not assumed additional responsibilities, refresher training must be completed every four years. Retraining is also required by the KDHE if a facility is found to be operating without the proper permits or out of compliance with state and federal UST regulations.

Quick Links to Certified Training Programs

KDHE’s free training can be found at:

Additional Resources

For more information on Kansas’ UST training requirements, visit: