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After passing the course, you’ll receive a certificate that can be downloaded and printed for your records.

Connecticut Class A/B Operator Training
Connecticut Class A/B Operator Training

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Connecticut Class C Operator Training
Connecticut Class C Operator Training

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Course Description

Antea Group’s Class A/B underground storage tank (UST) operator training course is approved by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), Bureau of Materials Management and Compliance Assurance. Upon completion of our online course, you’ll receive a certificate that can be downloaded and printed for your records.

All courses will expire and must be completed within 90 days of purchase. Please also note to use Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser. Internet Explorer and Edge can have issues with some aspects of your course.

Class A/B

Antea Group’s Connecticut Class A/B UST operator training course is available on-demand, making it easy for you to complete anytime and anywhere. The course is self-paced, allowing you to stop and start as many times as you wish.

Depending on the user, the training typically takes approximately five hours to complete. In addition, your course purchase comes with a 150-page handbook that can be downloaded and used for the 75-question, open-book exam following the training, as well as an on-the-job reference material.

UST Training Requirements for Connecticut 

DEEP requires the training and certification of all Class A and Class B operators. They also require operators to undergo refresher training at least every two years following the initial training. Retraining is also required when non-compliance is found. Antea Group’s combined Class A/B course satisfies requirements for both classes of operators.

In addition, DEEP requires the training of all Class C operators. Class C operators can be certified through a state-approved third-party training course, or they can be certified by a trained Class A or Class B operator. Class C operators also need refresher training every two years.

Quick Links for Class C Training Programs

The DEEP has approved several third-party courses for Class C Operator training, including:

For a full list of approved training providers, click here.

Reciprocity & Additional Information

Connecticut does not accept operator training certification for individuals trained out-of-state. Because of this, UST operators certified outside of Connecticut must be retrained and certified.

Furthermore, all training information must be submitted to DEEP on the appropriate UST Notification Form (i.e. DEEP-UST-NOT-001). This form can be submitted electronically at Failure to comply with training requirements may result in enforcement action, which may include Red Tagging (shutting down) the facility until it’s in compliance.

For more information on UST training requirements in Connecticut, visit: